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NCD1015ZP: 50mm Half Duplex Read Only RFID Transponder
NCD1015-50RO Picture
  • Reliable Half-Duplex (HDX) Low Frequency (LF) Communications Format
  • 64 Bits For Data / Identification Storage
  • 134.2 kHz Operating Frequency
  • FSK Modulation
  • Energy Harvesting Battery-Free Wireless Power
  • 16 Bit CRC Error Detection Code Generator
  • 10 Year Data Retention

NCD1015ZP (Data Sheet Rev. 2) The NCD1015ZP is a passive 50mm cylindrical low frequency half-duplex read-only radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder that operates at a resonant frequency of 134.2kHz. With 64-bits of pre-programmed identification data storage and a 16-bit CRC error checking code generator, the transponder supports ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 standards.

Using the power acquired from harvesting the RF energy transmitted by the RFID reader, the passive transponder responds by sending out a 128-bit packet that contains the stored 64-bit data, a 16-bit CRC-CCITT error checking code, and the overhead bits necessary to ensure transmission recognition. Transmission of the digital data from the transponder to the reader utilizes an FSK modulation technique where a logic 0 is represented by a 16 cycle burst of 134.2 kHz while a logic 1 uses 124.2 kHz.


NCD1015M: HDX RFID Integrated Circuit
NCD1015-LGA Picture
  • Contact-Less, Sequential Power & Data Transmission (HDX)
  • Radio Frequency Center Frequency: 134.2 kHz Typically
  • Reader-to-Tag Transmission: Pulse Interval Encoding (PIE) ~1 to 2kBits/s
  • Tag-to-Reader Transmission: FSK Modulation, NRZ:
    "0" ~ 134.4kHz;
    "1" ~ 124.2kHz
  • Tag-to-Reader Data Rate: (RF/16 (~ 8kbits/sec.)
  • On-Chip 16-Bit CRC Generator:
    Reverse CRC-CCITT as used in ISO/IEC 11785
  • Identification Data Page: 64 Bits Data + Associated 16 Bits CRC

NCD1015M (Data Sheet Rev. A) The NCD1015M is a read/write module to be used in HDX contact-less RFID devices for single transponder applications in the area of electronic animal identification, operating in the low frequency (134.2 kHz) range, and supporting ISO 11784/85 standards.

The NCD1015M contains an ASIC and 2 internal capacitors: one, a resonant capacitor, and the other a storage capacitor. The ASIC contains 4 memory blocks of 33 bits each, based on field programmable, non-volatile EEPROM. Each block contains 32 data bits (bit 1 ... bit 32). Each of the blocks can be write-protected through an associated lock bit, which is bit 0 of the corresponding block. Blocks 1 and 2 are referred to as the 64-bit identification data page 1 which is secured by an associated 16-bit CRC. Blocks 0 and 7 contain configuration parameters, as well as the option to irreversibly lock the RFID device.

The HDX transponder IC receives Write-Block requests from the reader as a pulse interval encoded, 100% amplitude modulated data signal.

Return data transmission from the transponder to the reader utilizes FSK encoded modulation. This is achieved by a serial data stream controlled Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) of the transponder's resonant circuit oscillation with an additional on-chip modulation capacitor between the two transponder terminals HF and GND. The passive transponder uses the supplied RF signal to obtain the energy needed to send the 64-bit ID code to the reader..


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