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CPC5608: 5-Channel, Low Power Transistor Array
CPC5608 Picture
  • Extremely Low Static Current Draw from Power Supply
  • Two-State Control
  • Low Voltage Operation (Vcc = 2.5V)
  • Low Output Transistor Leakage
  • 8-Pin, 150mil SOIC-N Package

CPC5608 (Data Sheet Rev. 1) The CPC5608 is a 5-channel, low-power transistor array IC with a simple 2-state logic control input. A logic-low input turns on the switches NC1, NC2, and NC3 while a logic high turns on the switches NO1 and NO2. Output transistors are capable of sinking 20mA in low output voltage (<7V) circuits. The IC features a supply voltage range of 2.5V to 5.5V and extremely low static supply bias current draw making it ideal for portable battery and on-hook telephony applications. In addition, the maximum output transistor leakage is a low 1µA.

The device logic input threshold is compatible with standard optocoupler output levels for isolation applications..

CPC5608 Block Diagram

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