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IXYS IC Division / Microsemi FXO Evaluation Platform

The four-channel Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) evaluation board from Microsemi and IXYS IC Division is a hardware evaluation platform for system manufacturers that are developing their own central office (CO), digital loop carrier (DLC) or customer premises equipment (CPE) FXO systems, as well as addressing applications in computer telephony, private branch exchange (PBX), router and telephony gateway equipment. The demonstration board features highly integrated solutions from Microsemi and IXYS IC Division to achieve significant board real estate reduction while maintaining the highest level of performance in telecom applications. It is the first board of its kind that can be programmed through software to handle complex impedance synthesis for virtually all world telecommunications markets.


Key Features

  • Provides best-in-class FXO evaluation platform for PBX/telephony gateway systems with fully programmable two-wire impedance capability
  • A complete, integrated board-level solution that easily demonstrates FXO and mini-PBX functions
  • Uses Le58LQ063 four-channel QLSLAC™ voice codec/filter from Microsemi
  • Uses silicon Phone Line Interface (PLI) device (CPC5620 LITELINK III) from to replace bulky transformers and discrete devices to achieve PC board density
  • Microsemi-IXYS IC Division voice IC evaluation platform features a QLSLAC motherboard, PLI daughtercards and application development software
  • QLSLAC motherboard accommodates four PLI socket daughtercards for various markets and applications
  • Design to be supported by the Microsemi VoicePath™ script software
  • PLI daughtercards provide:
    • Two-to-four wire hybrid function, isolation, AC and DC termination
    • Loop Start (LS) operation; future boards will offer Ground Start (GS) operation
    • Pulse dial operation in LS or GS modes
    • Regulatory surge protection networks

The FXO evaluation board features the Le58QL063 QLSLAC device from Microsemi on a motherboard controlled by Microsemi's VoicePath™ development software. The motherboard has four sockets to accommodate phone line interface (PLI) daughtercards from IXYS IC Division. One daughtercard features the IXYS IC Division's CPC5620A LITELINK™ III device targeting CPE and enterprise applications

XO Applications

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • IP-based PBX Systems
  • Integrated Access Devices (IADs)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Voice Gateways
  • SOHO Routers
  • Central Office
  • Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)


IXYS IC Division / Microsemi FXO Evaluation Board Technical Brief

Data Sheets:
Microsemi Le58QL061/063

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